* We have a three night minimum, and sometimes a longer minimum during Holidays. But it never hurts to check for a 1 or 2 night visit. We can sometimes accommodate a shorter visit when we have gaps in our calendar.  

– Is Vieques safe?

Yes, Vieques is perhaps the safest island in the Caribbean. There is virtually no violent crime, and you can feel safe walking around at night. There is, however, some petty theft. Our property is secure and we have never had any theft issues in our rooms and apartments however it is recommended that you use common sense. Don’t leave valuables in your car in town or at the beach (we suggest leaving your car doors unlocked) and keep an eye on your belongings while swimming at the beach.

– Do we need to rent a car?

If you are staying in Esperanza, you do not NEED a car. You can easily walk to a world class beach, snorkeling, restaurants, bars and shopping. All bioluminescent bay tours pick up right on the Malecon (our waterfront strip) or close by. If it is in your budget, it is advisable to rent a car because it is great to be able to explore our more remote beaches and nature preserves. One of your best vacation days may simply be seeing all the great sights that Vieques has to offer.

We do have one Mitsubishi M0ntero available to rent, on a first come basis and with a 7 night minimum. We can also provide you with a list of all rental companies. It is suggested to reserve a car months in advance as the island runs out of vehicles in season. It is not possible to bring a rental car from the main island of Puerto Rico on the cargo ferry. The agencies and the ferry service will not allow it.

– How do we get from San Juan to Vieques?

You can fly from SJU airport via Cape Air, Seaborne Air or Vieques Air Link. American Eagle will be flying here in the near future. It is suggested to leave at least ninety minutes between flights to collect your bags and clear security.

You can also take a publico (taxi van) from San Juan to Fajardo which is where the ferry departs from. It takes about 60-90 minutes and costs around 80 dollars. If you have a large group or a family you can save quite a bit of money this way. The ferry costs two dollars and takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

– Is Esperanza Inn walking distance to the beach?

Yes. The closest beach is called Playa Esperanza and it is at the end of the Malecon. Sun Bay beach is a mile long crescent of white sand lined with coconut palms and is just a 10-12 minute walk. Sun Bay will please the most discerning of beach goers.

– Is there snorkeling within walking distance from Esperanza Inn?

Yes. Right in Esperanza there is an old pier built in the 1940’s, which provides good snorkeling. You can also rent a kayak close by and paddle out to Cayo Afuera which has some of the best snorkeling on Vieques.

– Do you have a pool?

Yes, we have a small pool with a large wooden sun deck. The pool is nestled amongst a stand of palm trees. We then added bamboo, vining alemandas, passionflower, hibiscus and orchids. The result is a haven for butterflies and humming birds. It’s a perfect spot to sit and watch nature while listening to the breeze in the bamboo. It’s the perfect place to cool off after a long day of  beachcombing or mountain biking through our hundreds of miles of nature trails.

– Can you recommend activities such as biobay tours, mountain biking kayaking, etc.?

Yes, it is our pleasure to help our guests locate the best tours, beaches, bike trails, hikes, restaurants, etc. We are here for the same reasons that you are visiting, to enjoy this island paradise. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of Vieques.

– Are there bugs in Vieques?

Like anywhere else on earth, there are bugs in Vieques. It is the price we pay for being in the middle of the largest nature preserve in the Caribbean. We do have mosquitoes and noseeums, however if you use bug repellant fairly often they are not a problem. Repellant can be purchased at nearby convenience stores. Some of the other local wildlife you may encounter include large iguanas, mongoose and fruit bats. There are no dangerous snakes on the island.

– Do all guests have access to the roof deck and sitting areas?

Yes, we have a lovely roof deck with a great view of the ocean and the mountains of the nature preserve down to the west.  There is no shade structure on the roof so it is also a lovely spot for star gazing. We have very little light pollution on the island and Esperanza Inn is the favored place to stay amongst the Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico. We also have several outside sitting areas. Many guests spend a lot of their vacation time just relaxing and reading books from our well stocked book exchange.

– Do you have parking available on the property?

Yes, we have enough off street parking for six vehicles, providing ample parking for those guests choosing to rent a vehicle. There is also plenty of unrestricted parking on the street.

– What is a casita?

A casita is the Spanish word for a small house. Our Casita is a room sized structure with a private porch that has the same access to the common kitchen and areas that all guests have.

– Do the apartments have balconies and air conditioning?

All apartments have balconies or outside sitting areas. All apartments and rooms have air conditioning in the bedrooms, ceiling fans and private baths.

– What is your cancellation policy?

Full refunds will gladly be given 10 days outside of your arrival date. Cancellations inside of this time period will not receive a refund.
For peace of mind and security, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance in the event of a cancellation within 10 days of your arrival date. www.csatravelprotection.com www.allianztravelinsurance.com

– I see that there is a minimum stay. Can the rooms be rented for just one night?

We have a three night minimum, and sometimes a longer minimum during Holidays. But it never hurts to check for a 1 or 2 night visit. We can sometimes accommodate a shorter visit when we have gaps in our calendar.


– Do you have animals on the property?

Yes, we work closely with the Vieques Humane Society, and we rescue and foster stray animals. At any given time there can be about 10 cats, 1 dog, and maybe a chicken or two.

– If I have pet allergies, should I stay at the Esperanza inn?

For your comfort and enjoyment we do not recommend staying at our property.